We've been sent a message from O'Doherty Managemen requesting some time at NORTH Wrestling - NCL.2/They Will March O, where he will introduce his NEWEST client. We're happy to oblige and give the North East Native some mic time. 

The "Lone Traveller" injured his neck whilst representing RISE Englan in Italy, with his now client Saxon Huxley 'The Muscle Cat'. Never one to be kept down, O'Doherty swiftly moved into the world of management, helping his client to the RISE World Championship. 

It's been a busy ol' day, but that's what Mondays do to ya. 

Tickets available at www.northwrestling.co.uk NOW.

Meet & Greet + Show // £15
Student M&G + Show // £12
Show only // £10
Student show only // £8
On the door // £12
Twitter//Instagram @NORTH_NCL